A Crack in the Mask: The Felt Sense Method

THE FELT SENSE METHOD® A HUMANISTIC APPROACH FOR MANAGING INCONTINENCE 103 was a very large part that needed to be openly discussed and validated. I instructed my students to start becoming introspective and to honor the feelings and emotions that might arise. To help the students to connect with their pelvic floor muscles, I incorporated anatomical slides as I directed the students to try to visualize the pictures and fit them to the shapes of their bodies. Remember that the method is called the Felt Sense. When contracting the pelvic floor muscles, the feedback and knowledge you will acquire comes through what you feel internally. Developing the keenness of your felt sense is what this book is all about. As consciousness is the vehicle for prana, the Felt Sense Method is the vehicle for healthier pelvic floor muscles. When starting these physical applications of the FSM, keep in mind that sometimes in our desire to bring about quick improvement we tend to over do and jump to the last step. Do not do this. Remember that improvement will come over time and with patient practice. Let’s Begin The physical techniques of the FSM are learned first in the sitting position. Line of reference in the seated position. ®

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