A Crack in the Mask: The Felt Sense Method

and neutralize the gluteal muscles. This “spreading and trapping” is very important because it will keep the stronger muscles that surround the weakened pelvic floor muscles from contracting when you are trying to locate and contract the weaker muscles. You can check your seated alignment by sitting sideways and looking in a full-length mirror. TIP: Practice this while sitting on the toilet. Spread the pelvic floor very wide and use the seat to trap and hold the flesh. The advantage of sitting on the toilet is that there isn’t any clothing to block your felt sense; in fact, the air is cooler than the body temperature so that any contractile movement will be easily felt. Take this opportunity to practice with a naked bottom. Seated Postural Alignment First, spread the pelvic floor into the diamond shape. Position the pelvis so that the vaginal opening points directly downward. Keeping this position of the vaginal opening, visualize your line of reference and place it in the center of your vaginal opening, extending down to the floor and up through the crown of your head. Align and balance the spine so that the curves are not exaggerated. 106 CHAPTER EIGHT A CRACK IN THE MASK Anterior or forward- Posterior or backward- Neutral position. tilted pelvis. tilted pelvis. When the pelvis tilts forward, the vaginal opening points backward of center. The backward tilting pelvis points the vaginal opening forward of center. Remember to find your neutral position where the vaginal opening is pointing downward. The Felt Sense Method®

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