A Crack in the Mask: The Felt Sense Method

THE FELT SENSE METHOD® A HUMANISTIC APPROACH FOR MANAGING INCONTINENCE 117 Bend your elbows, interlace your fingers, turn the palms to face outward, and place the backs of your fingers on your breastbone. Then simultaneously “Zip” as you press your hands forward till your arms become straight; then, holding your contraction, pull your hands back to your breastbone as you contract backward. Set III Contacts: Playtime Once awareness has been achieved with your favorite Contacts, now it’s time to play. Playing and visualization bring a sense of comfortable familiarity to the idea of manipulating the pelvic muscles. Playing is contracting the pelvic floors muscles in a rhythm. Each rhythm is made up of combinations of Contacts you have already learned. For example, you might do Cone & Zip & Cone & Zip & Cone, Cone, Cone, and Slide. When you are learning different Contacts, some will come more easily than others. Therefore, there will be a desire to practice the easier ones. This is good. At first, practice only the ones you enjoy. Once some control has been gained, you will be more willing to try the others that you first found to be difficult. My favorite instruction I give to ladies about the third set of Contacts is: “Ladies, when playing with the pelvic floor, do not use your hands or anyone else’s hands.” The Felt Sense Method®

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