A Crack in the Mask: The Felt Sense Method

needed the benefits that this inverted yoga posture gives. I do not recommend unsupported Sirsasana or the shoulder stand, Sarvangasana, because in order to hold these poses in the correct balanced alignment there must be muscle contractions that will interfere with the relaxation of the vaginal muscles. Putting yourself in a position that will allow the vagina to relax is what is needed to overcome vaginismus. It is important to learn to totally relax the pelvic floor. Rope Baddha Konasana is a blessing for pelvic floor work. Because of the position of the legs, the vaginal muscles are opened and with the assistance of gravity and time, they will gently relax. Pelvic Swing or Wall Rope Baddha Konasana Note: If you are new to a pelvic swing or wall ropes, seek the guidance of an experienced Iyengar yoga teacher to direct you in and out of the props. Baddha Konasana in pelvic swing at the wall (left) and away from the wall (right). 1. Position and adjust the loop of the pelvic swing or wall rope at the top of the sacrum/lumbar area and wrap the ropes around the thighs close to the inner groins. With your legs securing you in place, release your torso, arms, and head downward and surrender to the pull of gravity. You will be suspended in an inverted position. The pelvis should not be vertical; the buttocks should drop back a little so that the mouth of the vaginal channel can start to relax open. 170 CHAPTER NINE A CRACK IN THE MASK The Felt Sense Method®

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