A Crack in the Mask: The Felt Sense Method

because I was never certain where the nearest toilet might be. My whole life was centered on my need to know where the nearest toilet was. Yet I refused to wear protective garments to lessen the stress and embarrassment of “wet exposure.” It was my dogged determination to regain control over my bladder that led me to write this book in which I document the steps of the Felt Sense Method and how this system evolved. Giving a Voice I wrote this book because I wanted to give voice to the problem of incontinence and to women who suffer from it. In this book, I share with you how I regained control over my bladder. This book deviates from the traditional sterile presentation of information on incontinence that is often characteristic of books dealing with this sensitive subject. The format of this book presents information through the eyes and the emotions of a woman who has personally suffered the physical and emotional pain and embarrassment of this condition. This book not only gives the problem of incontinence a voice, it gives it a human voice—my own. You will hear my voice and read my stories as they are presented in an easy, concise, understandable way. This voice will encourage you to develop the tools of self-acceptance and self-understanding. It will ask you to acquire knowledge of your body so that you can learn to visualize parts of your body that you can’t usually see. This voice will lead you through the different step-by-step directions on how to contract the pelvic floor muscles in order to address different pelvic floor muscle dysfunctions, be they flaccid vaginal tract muscles and/or loss of bladder control. This voice will tell you that that by following these directions, you will learn how to develop conscious bladder control. Through this book, I want you to experience the freedom I gained when I became able to recognize my own physical signals and no longer panicked when I felt the need to relieve myself. Remember the following statement and hold it in your consciousness: “Everyone is controlling her bladder. What distinguishes a person who has incontinence from one who does not is the length of time she can control her bladder until she can reach a toilet.” Memories:Adventures with Incontinence (The Toilet Dance) I have to smile in empathy when I watch ladies standing in a long line waiting for the toilet. Their different levels of need for the line to move are expressed clearly on their 2 A CRACK IN THE MASK

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