I wrote this book to share my experiences as a woman who has systematically learned to control her bladder after spending years suffering with incontinence, so that other women can learn the tools to regain control over their bladders and enjoy the feeling of independence that conscious control offers. Read more

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Jaki, a former Playboy Bunny who became a college instructor and an international yoga instructor and author, was born in Mississippi in 1944. In 1967, she became a Playboy Bunny, one of the first women of color to do so. During her nearly 12 years of Bunnydom, she turned to modeling, and for three seasons in the 1970s appeared regularly on the TV show "Love American Style." Read more

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Excerpt from the Book

At the outset of this book, I want to emphasize that everyone, female and male, has at some point been in a panic to make it to the toilet. I also want to emphasize that everyone has had a bladder accident. Men tend to have fewer accidents, because the lines in their public rest rooms are usually shorter, and men are also built so that they can take advantage of alternative locations, whereas for women things are not that convenient. Read more

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