A Crack in the Mask: The Felt Sense Method

I must not have been as discreet as I thought, because the lady at the front of the line, about five people in front of me, looked back at me and signaled me to go in. She did not speak English, nor did the other women in front of me, but they could all read my body language. Thankfully rushing past them, I finally got to pee. As I exited the stall, composed and dry, I pranamed to the ladies still waiting in line as I passed them. Pranam is the traditional Indian gesture in which the hands are placed in prayer position at the heart or the forehead to indicate gratitude and respect. I finally reached my seat on the plane, dry and with a smile. 4 A CRACK IN THE MASK Pranam, also known as Namaste mudra. Stories Throughout the book I have interspersed and intertwined stories for several reasons: First, technical information can sometimes cause a mental overload; the stories are like intermissions, giving the mind time to relax. Secondly, they connect my experiences to the information that follows. One of the principles of humanistic psychology is that if you can make a personal connection to new information, it is easier to assimilate it. I want my stories to stimulate you to start looking at your own life stories – to find your personal life connections to the material presented in this book. I encourage you to read the material without rushing and let it be absorbed into your understanding and let your mind flow with the stories.

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