A Crack in the Mask: The Felt Sense Method

THE FELT SENSE METHOD® A HUMANISTIC APPROACH FOR MANAGING INCONTINENCE 9 1.What common everyday activities cause you to leak? (a) standing up or sitting down____ (b) bending over____ (c) climbing stairs_____ (d) lifting heavy objects____ (e) stumbling____ (f) laughing____ (g) housework____ 2. Do you avoid any of the following activities due to accidents? (a) walking____ (b) dancing____ (c) running____ (d) golfing____ (e) tennis____ (f) exercising____ (g) aerobics____ (h) yoga_____ 3. Do you have more accidents during cold or allergy seasons? What causes them? (a) sneezing____ (b) coughing____ (c) blowing your nose____ 4. Do you have accidents when maneuvering in bed? (a) turning over in bed____ (b) getting out of bed____ 5. Do you avoid intercourse due to shame or fear of urine loss? ____ • Do you have to rush to the toilet? Can you have a relaxed, enjoyable urine flow or does you urine come out in a gush? Urge incontinence is the sudden need to urinate without a slow warning signal buildup. 6.When you make it to the toilet, is the amount expelled: (a) large____ (b) small____ (c) drops____ (d) dribble____ • Can you gain any control of your flow during urination? 7. Are you able to stop your urine flow? (a) after the first release has been made____ (b) close to the end____ (c) not at all____ 8. Has the frequency of your need to urinate changed? (a) increase____ (b) decrease____ (c) varies____ 9. In what condition are you usually when you make it to the toilet? (a) dry____ (b) moist____ (c) wet____

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