A Crack in the Mask: The Felt Sense Method

10. Do you wear a protective garment? (a) for special occasions____ (b) during the day____ (c) at night____ (d) all the time____ • Do you take preventive care to protect your bed? 11.When you are asleep, are you awakened by the need to void? Do you wake up (a) dry____ (b) before you start to urinate____ (c) while you are urinating____ (d) sleep straight through____ • Does the sound of running water make you run to the toilet? • Do you limit your daily water as a way to decrease your need to void? 12. Do you get suddenly thirsty and then drink a large quantity of water?____ 13. Do you drink water in small servings but frequently?____ 14. Do you stop drinking water before retiring?____ • Pinpoint the liquids that you prefer to drink that insure an increase in urination: (a) water____ (b)____ (c) cola____ (d) beer____ (e) wine____ (d) alcohol____ (e) coffee____ (f) decaf coffee____ (g) espresso____ (h) tea____ (i) carbonated water____ (j) other____ Numbers 1 – 6 are common indicators that point to stress incontinence. Numbers 7-14 are common indicators that point to urge incontinence. Mixed incontinence indicators can also exist. That is when indicators are present in both groupings. Again, this is just to get you to start thinking about your situation as you read this book. If you would like to find out more about your particular situation, you can complete the in-depth questionnaire in Appendix 2. 10 A CRACK IN THE MASK

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