A Crack in the Mask: The Felt Sense Method

THE FELT SENSE METHOD® A HUMANISTIC APPROACH FOR MANAGING INCONTINENCE 57 Now we will start building our understanding by delineating the boundaries of the pelvic outlet. Pelvic outlet with clock landmarks. The opening at the bottom of the bony pelvis is the pelvic outlet. We will use the face of a clock for orientation of pelvic landmarks. These landmark orientations will be continuous when relating to positions of the pelvic floor. Starting at the front at twelve o’clock is the pubic synthesis and pubic bones, at six o’clock is the coccyx, at three o’clock is the right sitting bone or ischial tuberosity, and at nine o’clock is the left sitting bone. Connect each landmark with lines and you will form the shape of a diamond. Draw a line from sitting bone to sitting bone and you will divide the diamond into two triangles. The anterior or forward triangle is the urogenital triangle and the back or posterior triangle is the anal triangle. It is on the forward triangle – the urogenital triangle – that we will concentrate our work. Next are the two major muscles of the pelvic floor. ®

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