A Crack in the Mask: The Felt Sense Method

Muscles that Close off the Side of the Pelvic Outlet: Obturator Internus and Piriformis 62 CHAPTER FIVE A CRACK IN THE MASK Obturator internus and piriformis. The obturator internus takes its origin from the inner surface of the pelvic bone surrounding the obturator foramen and inserts into the medial surface of the greater trochanter of the femur. The piriformis takes its origin from the anterior surface of the sacrum and inserts also on the surface of the greater trochanter. Because of its location and the lines of angle along which its fibers run, it assists the actions of the other external rotator muscles so that when they contract they take the thigh into external rotation. When the thigh is taken into rotation, the pelvic floor is affected due to the communication between the fascial connection of the levator ani and obturator internus. This is important to note when it comes to yoga asana. In everyday activity, the obturator internus and the other external hip rotators are not usually taken into their full range of contractions. But in practicing yoga asanas, there are postures that require the thigh to be taken into full and even hyper ranges of external rotation. This action in doing asana gives an unexpected bonus: the lifting and strengthening of the pelvic floor. Yoga asana Ardha Chandrasana. The Felt Sense Method® The Felt Sense Method®

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