A Crack in the Mask: The Felt Sense Method

THE FELT SENSE METHOD® A HUMANISTIC APPROACH FOR MANAGING INCONTINENCE 89 Iliopsoas Iliopsoas, modified reproduction of skeleton with permission of Joseph E. Muscolino and Elsevier Mosby publishing. Action: • When the iliopsoas contracts, it tilts the pelvis forward and pulls the lumbar spine forward into the body. Excessive contracting of the iliopsoas will produce a silhouette of hyperlordosis or “sway back” and the buttocks stick out and lift up. • These muscles also assist in flexion at the hip. An important note regarding incontinence: A primary function of all the abdominal muscles is to stabilize the mid-section for movement. The healthy tonus of the anterior and posterior abdominal muscles assists in stabilizing the correct placement of the pelvis. For example, if the posterior abdominals are stronger than the anterior muscles, this condition will allow a forward tipping of the pelvis. If this position is held over an extended time, the stomach muscles will become relaxed and weak. Now reflect back to the pelvic floor muscles: the muscles in the urogenital triangle and the front fibers of the levator ani attached to the pubic bone. When muscles attach at almost the same location on a bone, they become connected by the crossing over of fascia or The Felt Sense M ethod®

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